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An Example of a Natural Supplement in the Philippines.

Philippine Health Supplements

You probably have seen the Philippine Health Supplements boxes (possibly green) pills in your sibling’s luggage after a trip in the Philippines. These pills provide miracles and various advantages such as providing low blood pressure, diabetes reversal and increased energy. What really are the supplements? Do they really the effects they claim to produce? Above all, it is dangerous taking the supplements, either in terms of direct impact or that they are accidentally used to replace a healthy lifestyle?

Our Philippe Gifts online store contains one of our popular health supplements, herbal products and etc that contains various dietary products and natural vitamins. like the best-selling brand in the Philippines is the “herbal vitamin” containing ampalaya (bitter melon), lagundi, malunggay, saluyot and “phytonutrients.” The combination of these elements has miraculous effects on boosting the immune system, exterminate toxins, repairs the kidney and liver. Below is an overview of some of the most common elements in all supplements:

“Super foods”

Coconut Sap SugarCoconut Sap Sugar
Replace this sweetener, when organically harvested, it is claimed, because of its low glycemic index, to be suitable for diabetic’s blood sugar by carbohydrate ingestion tip. It is said full of vitamins and essential amino acids are packed.


Looking for some microscopic organisms? Spirulina is commonly known as blue-green algae and probably saw it in mainstream products such as naked juice. According to the US National Institute of Health, it claims that Spirulina helps weight loss and it was confirmed that Spirulina contains all kinds of B-vitamins and essential fatty acids and proteins.


Lagundi is a purely Filipino ingredient in many dietary supplements. It’s a long pre-colonial history of use for its effects on decreasing pain and suffering. Multiple users continue to tighten – cold, flu, asthma, diarrhea, rheumatism, boils, chickenpox, and yes, even worms. It also makes an interesting plant for fish and chicken … but I would not recommend it straight out.
You’ve probably seen your mother circulation soup. Bitter or bitter melon, is a common plant in many dishes. Medically, it is often for gastronomic conditions (read: certain pain), but it is also said to boost the immune system against diseases from the common cold to malaria. But the seeds are sure to be known toxic for children, so if you are bringing your kids this vegetables, beware!

Coconut OilVirgin Coconut Oil
Other delicious absolutely awesome, coconut oil is used to treat respiratory diseases such as pneumonia. In a double-blind clinical trial involving 40 obese women can coconut oil to reduce obesity without an abnormal amount of cholesterol in your system.


Best Philippine health supplements

Herbal products are essentially a shortened portion of vegetables, vitamins and minerals. The The best alternative Philippine health supplements also claimed positive effects by Filipino consumers.